Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dusting off the cobwebs....

and back from a whirlwind weekend. well, maybe not a whirlwind weekend but a busy one. one birthday and one work day. bleh i say to work. that's another reason i haven't been keeping up with this as much as i'd like to. when you're off for 2 days things can pile up and then when a fellow co-worker has the week off and you have to help with their stuff...yeah. like i said, it's been busy. to add onto all this i was going through one of those "nothing sounds good/anything sounds good" phases. sound familiar? you're just completely uninspired, and nothing sounds good? things look good on paper but they're just not what you want at that moment? that was my weekend. i wanted something good but it was just a matter of figuring out what that something was. it didn't come to me till monday which i guess better late than never. still though, it's just frustrating. fortunately, it's temporary and i am back and ready to get busy with this once again.
i'll be updating within the next 2 days with my first attempt at a homemade, all from scratch chicken pot pie from an old issue of Food and Wine magazine. that was sunday's caper. i didn't get to eat very much of it but the few bites i did have were quite yummy but more of that later.
i'll also be recounting my mostly successful attempt at mushroom and provolone stuffed chicken breasts- they're not as easy as they look but ooh they are definitely as good as they look. this was the end of my "nothing sounds good phase." it only took about half an hour of exchanging potential dinner ideas with my girlfriend which went a little like "how about barbecue chicken? no. sloppy joes? ehh, no thanks. hot dogs? no. french fries? pass. roast potatoes? sounds good. with what? i dont know." i'm sure you wish you were there.
exhausted by chicken? me too. how bout some lasagna stuffed with roasted zucchini,squash and mushrooms? sounds good, i though so too. who popped that little doozy in my head? our kitchen sink at wordpress. awesome blog with awesome pictures and very approachable recipes. go there, read, be inspired. get hungry.
still not what you're looking for? well shoot, how about you skip dinner and go right to dessert with a milk chocolatey four layer yellow cake. this was friday night's caper. not mine though, delana's. she dons the title of baker. she likes science. she likes food. it works. her motivation? it was her papa's birthday and he had mentioned a 3 layer cake and she wanted to push the envelope with an extra layer. the envelope was pushed and the cake was scrumptious. be warned though- you'll have to do a lot more than push an envelope to burn off a slice. maybe 2 envelopes. i won't burden you with calorie fears though, it's cake and it was a celebration. celebrate and eat. enjoy.
unfortunately, you're going to have to wait to see all our food capers so i'm sorry but i promise- PINKY PROMISE- that you'll be able to have or at least see all that i've listed before the weekend.
care to share what you've been mixing, beating, stirring, baking, cooking up in the kitchen?

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