Tuesday, February 19, 2008

how do you spice a yankee?

i'd be lying if i said i knew but i'm hoping i can help you figure out how to spice up other things, food-like things. my goal is to help you, your mom, your brother's wife's best friend's brother to fix simple things at home that'll be packed with flavor, filled with ease and light on the guilt level.
i love food, but i don't care for the guilt that comes with certain kinds of food. my distaste for that guilt is why i've set out to try and create the same dishes you order out and bring them home, just leaving that guilt back at the restaurant. hopefully you will think i've succeeded.

  • my level of experience doesn't expand very far- it's pretty much whatever i've done in my own kitchen or family member's kitchen.
  • my professor's consist of the following: me, my mother, father, aunts, food network and the shelf full of bon appetit's and cooking light magazines in my bedroom. my thirst to expand my knowledge is quenchless.
  • i love food- i especially love preparing food and creating something from nothing.
  • i do believe in the importance of quality ingreidients. i'm one of those people who can spend 15+ minutes at the grocery store sifting through the apples trying to find the perfect one. same thing applies to peppers, onions, potatoes, asparagus. however, that doesn't mean that i feel like you have to spend absurds amount of money to get that quality.
  • i don't specialize in any one kind of food but i will say the things i fix most commonly are a blend of Puerto Rican, Argentinian, Mexican, Italian and traditional American food.

since my girlfriend can only handle so much talk of food, i've decided to come here and maybe share with you what i know. i'm hoping you'll share too- whether it be your own recipes,questions,curiousities, complaints, praises. you can also share me with your friends - send them a link :D

now, i do think your eyes may have reached their point of exhaustion so I'm off for now. come back again? maybe bring your recipe or desire to find one back.

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